What Our Graduates Say About Us



The first thing about Dr. Tom Lee Dental Receptionist Certificate Program is their setting. The setting of this course is amazing. I have never heard a dental receptionist course that takes place in a real dental office! It is so convenient when it comes to practice and observation. If you are like me, who don’t really know how a dental office is operated, and what dental receptionist work is like, this course will be perfect for you. Instructors are awesome! My instructor has so many years of experience and knowledge. She helped me to build up basic concepts of dental service, dental office, and dental administration. She gave us different scenarios, and how to deal with these, and let us practice in the real office. I still remember the first time I made a phone call to the insurance company. I was very nervous, but my instructor helped me to go through it. I did practice and learning new things at the same time, which was very helpful with my work right now. Other instructors also shared a lot of real-life experiences with us when we did our observation sessions during the course. We went to different offices to observe what they do at the front desk, how they handle phone calls, patients, and all kinds of things. For me, the theory itself is not enough, I always want real-life experiences in order to prepare me to get ready when I start my work. All hands-on practice during our course helped me to have a better understanding of what I’ve been learned and what I will be facing in the future. I have practicum opportunities upon graduation. Managers are very nice. We were provided practicum sessions after our graduation at different offices, and I got my new job! Overall, my experience with DRC was fantastic. I’m so happy to share it with all of you!



李医生牙科诊所办的的牙科前台培训课程很特别。我从来没有听说过在牙科诊所里直接开课的设计。无论是练习还是观摩,在牙科诊所里上课都是一件很有益处的事情。如果你跟我一样原本不太了解牙科诊所的运作和牙科前台的工作,那这个课程肯定会很适合你。 我们的老师是有着多年知识和经验的牙科前台。她教给我们很多基本概念和技能,比如牙科保健的基本知识,牙科诊所的理念和怎么样做好牙科诊所管理的工作。上课的时候总是会有很多有趣的分享,比如遇到这种情况应该怎么处理,遇到其他情况又该怎么处理。老师也会让我们在诊所里实战练习。我现在还记得第一次给保险公司打电话的时候,老师一直在旁边帮着我,提醒我要问什么,该说什么。上课的过程中,学习和练习并重,以至于我现在工作起来并不会那么手足无措。 上课期间,我们也有去看李医生不同诊所的前台工作,这些有经验的牙科前台就是我们实战经历的老师们,他们让我们看到了真实工作中应当如何去处理跟客户的交流沟通,打电话应该用的专 业态度和词语,还有其他很多事情。对我而言,学习理论本身是不够的,我需要真实的体验工作来预备自己。所有的实战经验对我都有很大的帮助,我更清楚地了解我所学的理论是如何运用的也更清楚地知道以后的工作中会碰到什么样的状况。 我们的课程也有给我们提供实习的机会。经理让我们毕业以后可以在李医生不同的诊所实习,而且我现在已经在李医生的诊所开始正式工作了! 总的来说,我觉得李医生牙科诊所办的牙科前台培训课是一个很好的课程,它给了我很棒的学习体验和工作经历!我也很开心可以把这些好的经历分享给大家。



Dr. Tom Lee Dental Receptionist Certificate Course는 캐나다에서 인생의 새로운 장을 여는 좋은기회였습니다. 한국인으로서 외국인 강사에게 수업을 받아본 적이 없었던 저에게 수업을 영어로 이해하기에는 많은 어려운 부분이 있었던것이 사실입니다. 하지만 강사님들께서는 항상 이해하기 힘든 부분을 친절히 짚어주셨고 그에 많은 도움을 받았습니다. 가장 만족스러웠던DRC의 장점으로는 수업과 실습이 한 곳에서 8주동안 이루어지는 것인데 수업을 받으며 동시에 리셉션 업무 과정이 이루어지는것을 보고 연습할 수도 있었습니다. 실습하는 동안 고객과의 효과적인 의사소통 방법에 대해 배울 수 있었습니다.



I highly recommend the Dr. Tom Lee Dental Receptionist Certificate Program. It has provided me with the knowledge that I need to succeed in a dental industry career. Instructors are manageable and participated in the students; I always felt supported. The program offers the chance for a student to learn and practice in 5 different dental offices. Dr. Tom Lee Dental Receptionist Certificate Program has been a good experience for me.



It’s a good experience to study here. The course curriculum was very practical. I got lots of practice during the course. Instructor Nadya was very friendly and she taught well.



Great course, I learned a lot of major duties of a dental reception position. I would recommend it.



I had a great experience overall. Nadya is the best instructor and she does an amazing job ensuring that we are truly understanding what we have to learn! Thank you!



This course helps me to enter the new world, the dental field and the practice during the course helps me to have the confidence to start a new career.



It was a fun and exciting program. Instructor Nadya was really great and the staff as well taught us important points. Would recommend this course to family and friends.