What Our Graduates Say About Us



The first thing about Dr. Tom Lee Dental Receptionist Certificate Program is its setting. The setting of this course is amazing. I have never heard of a dental receptionist course that takes place in a real dental office! It is so convenient when it comes to practice and observation. If you are like me, who don’t really know how a dental office is operated, and what dental receptionist work is like, this course will be perfect for you.

Xiao Xiao





Dr. Tom Lee Dental Reception Certificate Course는 캐나다에서 인생의 새로운 장을 여는 좋은기회였습니다. 한국인으로서 외국인 강사에게 수업을 받아본 적이 없었던 저에게 수업을 영어로 이해하기에는 많은 어려운 부분이 있었던것이 사실입니다. 하지만 강사님들께서는 항상 이해하기 힘든 부분을 친절히 짚어주셨고 그에 많은 도움을 받았습니다. 가장 만족스러웠던DRC의 장점으로는 수업과 실습이 한 곳에서 8주동안 이루어지는 것인데 수업을 받으며 동시에 리셉션 업무 과정이 이루어지는것을 보고 연습할 수도 있었습니다. 실습하는 동안 고객과의 효과적인 의사소통 방법에 대해 배울 수 있었습니다.



I highly recommend the Dr. Tom Lee Dental Receptionist Certificate Program. It has provided me with the knowledge that I need to succeed in a dental industry career. Instructors are manageable and participated in the students; I always felt supported. The program offers the chance for a student to learn and practice in 5 different dental offices. Dr. Tom Lee Dental Receptionist Certificate Program has been a good experience for me.



This course gave me the practical hands on skills that I needed to feel confident with using dental software. The small class sizes really allowed for a more personal classroom experience with more time for coaching, if it was needed.



Covid-19으로 인해 앞으로의 진로에 대해 많은 고민이 있었을 때 어떤 직업이 저와 잘 맞을지 고민하다가 덴탈 리셉션을 선택하게 되었어요. 리셉션의 경험은 있으나 덴탈에 관한 지식이 아예 없었기에 이 수업을 신청하게 되었고 큰 우려, 걱정과 달리 선생님의 전문적이고 눈높이 맞춤 지도덕분에 기본기를 탄탄히 배울 수 있어서 좋았습니다. 또한 직접 덴탈클리닉에서 실습을 할 수 있는 기회도 있어서 현장 분위기를 몸소 체험하고 경험도 쌓을 수 있는 실속있는 시간을 보낼수 있었습니다. 다른 수업들은 온라인 강의만 해서 많은 고민 끝에 이 수업을 선택하게 된거였는데 정말 잘한 결정이었습니다!



I had a great experience overall. Nadya is the best instructor and she does an amazing job ensuring that we are truly understanding what we have to learn! Thank you!



This course helps me to enter the new world, the dental field and the practice during the course helps me to have the confidence to start a new career.



It was a fun and exciting program. Instructor Nadya was really great and the staff as well taught us important points. Would recommend this course to family and friends.



It’s a good experience to study here. The course curriculum was very practical. I got lots of practice during the course. Instructor Nadya was very friendly and she taught well.



Great course, I learned a lot of major duties of a dental reception position. I would recommend it.



Great course, short, intensive and worth taking. Great staff and nice instructor.



It was a great experience. I think I saved plenty amount of time to learn the fundamental things during the DRC course. Thanks!



Dr. Tom Lee Dental Reception Certificate course at Tom Lee Sedation Dental Group was very well designed. You will receive all the information and learning you need to become a good dental receptionist after completing the course. I think I have the required knowledge of a professional dental receptionist from this course. Kudos to my coach and mentor Nadya for her excellent instruction.



Instructor was an amazing teacher. She was patient, encouraging, and covered everything we needed to know for working in a dental office.



I highly recommend the DRC program. First time I was nervous because English is not my first language but the instructor was helpful for me, especially, observation session is a big practice.



I’m grateful for this course because Dr. Tom Lee Dental Reception Certificate program gave me an opportunity to step forward in my career. Nadya is a great instructor and very helpful. She helps me understand the dental field as well as become a Dental Receptionist. This program gave me good knowledge for a short period of time. Thanks for the help of Nadya. The program was short, yet I’ve learned a lot. Would recommend it to anyone taking the program at Dr. Tom Lee Sedation Dental Group!